Seventh Framework Programme, Co-operation Theme 10 Security, Collaborative project.

36 Months


Start/ End Dates:
1st Nov 2013 –
31st Oct 2016

Work Packages:

The goal of the HOMER project is to implement a study to mitigate the threat of homemade explosives from the criminal and terrorist element. This will be achieved by the development of researched HME knowledge made available, through innovative, secure and usable means, for the use of law enforcement agencies, security and the manufacturers of precursors.

The project will explore the recipes and characteristics of HME, looking at readily available information from web sources, social media, other information sharing platforms, whilst considering chemicals and other components that are freely available and can be utilised in the manufacture of HME.


Through research and testing it is planned to draft a fundamental standard for HMEs, in addition to developing an operational platform to support Law Enforcement Agencies, Government Security Agencies and manufacturers of Precursors.



The aim of this study is to increase the security of European citizens and support Europe's current and future security needs.




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